Andrea Smith

Rookie (Nashville)

Biography of Andrea Smith

Hey I'm Andrea! You can call me Andy if you want... Anyways I have always loved poetry. My mom used to joke around and say, 'You were rhyming before you were 2! ' But I doubt it!
I have 2 dogs,1 cat,1 fish, and 5 horses. I live on a farm in Nashville with my mom, dad, and brother. I know it's weird but even my brother and I like eachother!
I spend my free time either riding horses, training horses, grooming horses, doing stall/barn work, writing, or doing poetry. Yes, I do enjoy mucking out stalls and getting dirty. I also play soccer. I have played it since... before pre-k actually. I play up, as in several age groups up and my team is ranked #1 for our age group in state! Updates

Fine Line

There's always a fine line,
Between sadness and hurt.

One that you have crossed,
With no way back.

I miss you much,
But you have passed.

We are all thinking of you,
My dearest Kit Kat.

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