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Well has def been awhile since ive been on here... But now I back with alot of things I gotta get out n say... U my not like some of my poems and thats fine I dont expect u to but I hope u take them from all different point of views and from the purpose they are intended! Thx u for all of my support from all of u and a few close family and friends!

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None yet maybe oneday u will see atleast one of them published :) Updates


The memories.... do you remember them very clearly? ?
To me i cannot... i cannot remember them that clearly... its as if the memories of us have faded... which i figured they would by it seems so soon... it doesnt seem like that long ago i held you so near and dear to my heart... so close to my hopes and dreams... but now when i think back i cannot remember them that clearly... i only remember the promises we shared that are now and are forever broken... i only remember the last day we spent t

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