Andrea Thanasas

Rookie (June 08 / Michigan)

Biography of Andrea Thanasas

Well has def been awhile since ive been on here... But now I back with alot of things I gotta get out n say... U my not like some of my poems and thats fine I dont expect u to but I hope u take them from all different point of views and from the purpose they are intended! Thx u for all of my support from all of u and a few close family and friends!

Andrea Thanasas's Works:

None yet maybe oneday u will see atleast one of them published :) Updates


The tears i had in my eyes were the tears that you made me cry...

I will never forget how low you made me feel when you told me off... when you looked at me and told me you didnt care... when you made me feel as if theres no more hope here... as if i meant nothing to you... as if i will never mean anything to you... i will never tell you how i really feel... i will never tell you that i will never forget what you said to me that day... and i will never forget all that i felt when them tears

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