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I loved poetry since I was young. The poems here, I started writing when I was 13. I wanted to be a poet till I was older and realized not many people make it as poets. So now I'm pursuing another passion of mine at UC Davis to, hopefully, become a veterinarian. It's pretty hard being in school and taking nothing but science classes when all I want to do is the opposite. A few poems find there way out of me once in a long while when I have time to put creativity, emotions and experience onto paper. I enjoy the culinary arts. I also wanted to be a chef when I was younger. I've catered small events but mostly just cook for my family and myself. I enjoy photography, dance(pointe being my favorite) and music, snowboarding and skateboarding and of course poetry.

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Quietly the moon appears
Slowly the sky clears
The stars, like eyes, bright
We see, yet they lack sight
The soft light zephyr
End long bickers
Emotions escape with a sigh
Anticipating a reply

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