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41. Across The Windswept Downs I Go 1/25/2009
42. Till God Does Find Another Path 8/4/2008
43. The Trawler Now Tied Up In Port 8/12/2008
44. The School Tree 6/27/2008
45. Sunset 6/29/2008
46. The Skies Ever-Changing 6/4/2008
47. Stars 6/6/2008
48. Speedwell And Daisies 6/6/2008
49. Pebble 1/31/2008
50. Stubbers Green 11/8/2007
51. Picture The Scene 2/21/2008
52. Nowhere Else I'D Rather Be 4/4/2008
53. Scarlet The Sunrise 4/6/2008
54. The Stars Have Never Shone So Bright 4/16/2008
55. Colorado Sky 1/22/2008
56. The Hammer And The Rusting Nail 11/10/2008
57. The Sea It Was A Stirring Mass 9/3/2011
58. Do Not Weep For Me For Me My Friend 9/13/2011
59. Dreams Of Youth 10/4/2013
60. I'M Climbing A Mountain 4/2/2008
61. The Early Morning Mist And Dew 7/30/2008
62. The Tale Of Two Spoons 8/10/2009
63. Willow Strands 9/4/2011
64. A Misty Day On Cringle Moor 12/22/2009
65. The Swan 10/13/2011
66. A Child Does Have A Trusting Hand 1/10/2014
67. 'Twas Not For Us 1/24/2012
68. Hearts 1/7/2012
69. To Me You Are The Sunlight 7/31/2008
70. The Warmth Of Summer's Sun 8/1/2008
71. When Swallows Grace The Morning Sky 7/24/2008
72. The Rusting Old Bucket 7/21/2008
73. I Sing To The Trees 8/14/2008
74. The Daisies And Buttercups 8/7/2008
75. I Hear Thy Voice It Speaks To Me 8/18/2008
76. If You Cannot Write A Love Song 8/22/2008
77. So Wise For One So Young (A Poem For Peace) 5/30/2008
78. Tiny Flower 6/2/2008
79. The Peace Cairn 6/3/2008
80. The Lake Is Lit By Moonlight 9/5/2008


  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (7/13/2008 3:25:00 PM)

    You have natural skill to write poems freely to your heart's content quite beautiful, simple and touching! Keep it up!

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  • Edwin Empestan (alba) Edwin Empestan (alba) (6/21/2008 12:36:00 PM)

    Dear fellow Poet,

    This is Edwin Empestan, And this is to say that I’ve read some of your poems. It is wonderful to read your poems and I really enjoy your poems. Very well and excellently expressed. Well penned indeed.

    I hope you can continue to write more poems and I will wait for them and enthusiastically read and perhaps make a comment on how I feel after reading your poems.

    Congratulations and more power to you.

    You can also read my poems and I would also welcome for your comments.

    Best regards, God bless and more power!

  • Jeannie Ann Clark (12/27/2007 10:39:00 AM)

    I have perceived who Andrew Blakemore is only through his writings, which I enjoy tremendously. They put the reader in the place where he is and every thing described can be seen or visualized in the mind. I have never written poetry before November 2007, but a person does not need to be an expert to know when someone's writing is good or not. When the words are concise, understandable, combined correctly with others, simple, these are the poems a majority of readers can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you Andrew for sharing your mind with all of us. Jeannie


I Wrote Her Name Upon The Sand

I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,
So far across the waters there
I knew my love did stay,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

I watched the clouds like dreams go by
With happiness we shared,
As I looked out across the sea
And wished that she still cared,
I'd lost all hope of loving
And I could but only pray,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

Around her name a heart of love
That wasn't meant to be,
A ...

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Stubbers Green

Upon the swag of Stubbers Green
Where many ducks and wading birds
And all the geese and seagulls fly
To seek its comfort and the peace
And watch the day go by.

And while the graceful swans do pass
Upon the water flat and calm
Their downy cygnets all in tow

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