Rookie - 239 Points (01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)


121. Fag Ends 12/20/2011
122. Vietnam 4/11/2012
123. Two Hearts 4/16/2012
124. You Must Write Your Hate In Pencil 7/5/2012
125. Love In A Glove 7/10/2012
126. The Lime Pits 10/10/2008
127. Mary, The Sun Will Shine For You 11/18/2008
128. Ragwort 11/7/2008
129. Shine Upon Me 9/4/2008
130. As The Mist Descends 9/18/2008
131. So Green The Land That I Can See 1/28/2009
132. The Mist Does Drape The Distant Hill 11/26/2008
133. The One That I Love 5/22/2008
134. Written On One Starry Night 5/14/2008
135. Look Upon This Word Made Cross 4/24/2008
136. Forge Lane 4/30/2008
137. My Love Shall Flow Like Gentle Streams 5/1/2008
138. Beyond The Sky 8/25/2008
139. Changing Days 8/20/2008
140. If I Could Paint A Picture 8/21/2008
141. The Morning Was Cold 8/10/2008
142. Within This Old Park 8/15/2008
143. Scenes So Inspiring 7/9/2008
144. The Factories Have All Gone 7/25/2008
145. Portland Stone 7/24/2008
146. Stones On The Shoreline 11/10/2007
147. Endless Shores 11/22/2007
148. The Falling Leaf 12/12/2007
149. Mottistone Down 11/30/2007
150. September Rain 12/8/2007
151. The Time That I Knew Love 12/2/2007
152. Love Again 12/3/2007
153. Bedstraw 12/4/2007
154. Black Slates And Cobblestones 1/10/2008
155. For Every Heart That's Found True Love 1/17/2008
156. Pebble 1/31/2008
157. Love Awake My Sleeping Heart 1/25/2008
158. I Stand Upon The Railway Bridge 1/8/2008
159. True Love 12/28/2007
160. When Blossom Drapes The Orchard Boughs 4/3/2008

I Wrote Her Name Upon The Sand

I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,
So far across the waters there
I knew my love did stay,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

I watched the clouds like dreams go by
With happiness we shared,
As I looked out across the sea
And wished that she still cared,
I'd lost all hope of loving
And I could but only pray,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

Around her name a heart of love
That wasn't meant to be,
A ...

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Stubbers Green

Upon the swag of Stubbers Green
Where many ducks and wading birds
And all the geese and seagulls fly
To seek its comfort and the peace
And watch the day go by.

And while the graceful swans do pass
Upon the water flat and calm
Their downy cygnets all in tow

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