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241. So Still The Night 11/7/2007
242. Away Then Fly Yon Bird Of Peace 4/23/2008
243. For Things Will Never Be Same Again 3/3/2008
244. At The End Of The Pier 8/26/2008
245. Meeting Place 11/21/2008
246. Seagull 2/16/2008
247. The 1970 Isle Of Wight Music Festival 8/17/2008
248. Sweet Chestnuts 8/28/2008
249. Lasting Friendship 11/22/2007
250. If You Were The Sky 11/9/2007
251. Castles Of Sand 11/23/2007
252. I'Ve Found Love So Many Times 1/5/2008
253. As Soft As A Snowflake 1/28/2008
254. As I Breathe The Sweet Air 4/9/2008
255. Aurora 10/9/2008
256. The Cold Days Of Winter 2/2/2009
257. Upon The Shaded River Bank 2/5/2008
258. Awake My Love 3/17/2008
259. Purest Love 11/19/2007
260. Clinging To A Precious Dream 10/8/2008
261. If Wisdom Grew Upon A Tree 10/22/2013
262. Songbirds 1/16/2008
263. I'Ll Follow My Heart 4/1/2008
264. Please Lend Me Your Wings 5/26/2008
265. As The Sunlight Shone On The Churchyard 8/23/2011
266. The Washing Line 7/28/2008
267. Landfill 1/29/2008
268. God Bless The Children 2/23/2008
269. Broken Branch 2/25/2008
270. Forget Me Not 11/14/2007
271. Evergreen 12/6/2007
272. The Water Wheel 3/10/2008
273. Sycamore Seeds 9/26/2008
274. Footprints In The Snow 3/7/2008
275. April Shower 4/10/2008
276. Forever Gold 11/13/2007
277. Holly 12/21/2008
278. Blank Page 8/19/2008
279. The Grocer's Shop 12/21/2007
280. Some People Are Like Flowers 9/21/2011


  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (7/13/2008 3:25:00 PM)

    You have natural skill to write poems freely to your heart's content quite beautiful, simple and touching! Keep it up!

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  • Edwin Empestan (alba) Edwin Empestan (alba) (6/21/2008 12:36:00 PM)

    Dear fellow Poet,

    This is Edwin Empestan, And this is to say that I’ve read some of your poems. It is wonderful to read your poems and I really enjoy your poems. Very well and excellently expressed. Well penned indeed.

    I hope you can continue to write more poems and I will wait for them and enthusiastically read and perhaps make a comment on how I feel after reading your poems.

    Congratulations and more power to you.

    You can also read my poems and I would also welcome for your comments.

    Best regards, God bless and more power!

  • Jeannie Ann Clark (12/27/2007 10:39:00 AM)

    I have perceived who Andrew Blakemore is only through his writings, which I enjoy tremendously. They put the reader in the place where he is and every thing described can be seen or visualized in the mind. I have never written poetry before November 2007, but a person does not need to be an expert to know when someone's writing is good or not. When the words are concise, understandable, combined correctly with others, simple, these are the poems a majority of readers can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you Andrew for sharing your mind with all of us. Jeannie


I Wrote Her Name Upon The Sand

I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,
So far across the waters there
I knew my love did stay,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

I watched the clouds like dreams go by
With happiness we shared,
As I looked out across the sea
And wished that she still cared,
I'd lost all hope of loving
And I could but only pray,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

Around her name a heart of love
That wasn't meant to be,
A ...

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If You Were The Sky

If you were the sky
Then you would be blue,
No clouds passing by
A wonderful view,
As clear as the water
That flows in the stream,
The image of you,
No vision,
No dream.

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