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321. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not 11/9/2007
322. Trainspotting 3/19/2008
323. The Clouds On The Mountains 1/6/2009
324. O To Be In Bethlehem 12/10/2008
325. Pure Waters 1/21/2009
326. Diary 1/22/2009
327. The Maple Trees Of Leicester Street 11/24/2009
328. If Wisdom Grew Upon A Tree 10/22/2013
329. Put Aside Your Differences 10/28/2008
330. The Red Balloon 10/13/2009
331. Around The Lake 11/12/2007
332. The Crows Within The Poplar Trees 4/5/2009
333. Clouds 2/1/2009
334. Firestone 12/24/2008
335. Afterglow 5/3/2008
336. So Sing The Song That Lovers Sing 7/21/2011
337. Brothers Side By Side (A Soldier's Tale) 7/24/2009
338. Snowdonia 7/10/2008
339. The Charred Cross 7/17/2009
340. My Eyes Can See 11/6/2008
341. As Cloud Now Lies Upon The Hills 8/23/2008
342. Fly Like The Wind 8/3/2008
343. The Open Gate 7/23/2009
344. A Crofter's Tale 1/24/2008
345. Bore Da 12/27/2008
346. And So My Heart Does Sing For Thee 12/31/2008
347. Arise Sunday Morning 2/9/2008
348. The Flowers Lay Upon The Lawn 8/18/2009
349. The Leaves Are Slowly Turning 1/7/2009
350. A Conversation Over The Garden Fence 3/26/2009
351. O Lasting Love That Knows No Bounds 2/23/2009
352. Bradford Place 7/11/2009
353. Forest Of Angels 1/18/2009
354. A New Star In Heaven 2/6/2008
355. Those Hands That Gave (Easter Poem) 3/24/2008
356. As I Stared At The Flame Of The Candle 4/16/2009
357. As Clouds Now Weep 6/1/2009
358. A Wonderful Friend 2/26/2009
359. Across The Field 11/8/2007
360. A Wise Man's Thoughts 9/12/2011


  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (7/13/2008 3:25:00 PM)

    You have natural skill to write poems freely to your heart's content quite beautiful, simple and touching! Keep it up!

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  • Edwin Empestan (alba) Edwin Empestan (alba) (6/21/2008 12:36:00 PM)

    Dear fellow Poet,

    This is Edwin Empestan, And this is to say that I’ve read some of your poems. It is wonderful to read your poems and I really enjoy your poems. Very well and excellently expressed. Well penned indeed.

    I hope you can continue to write more poems and I will wait for them and enthusiastically read and perhaps make a comment on how I feel after reading your poems.

    Congratulations and more power to you.

    You can also read my poems and I would also welcome for your comments.

    Best regards, God bless and more power!

  • Jeannie Ann Clark (12/27/2007 10:39:00 AM)

    I have perceived who Andrew Blakemore is only through his writings, which I enjoy tremendously. They put the reader in the place where he is and every thing described can be seen or visualized in the mind. I have never written poetry before November 2007, but a person does not need to be an expert to know when someone's writing is good or not. When the words are concise, understandable, combined correctly with others, simple, these are the poems a majority of readers can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you Andrew for sharing your mind with all of us. Jeannie


If We Could Live Forever

If we could live forever
How much wiser would we be?
Would we have grown accustomed
To the suffering we see?
And would the world be of one mind
United then in love?
Would we be non believers
Or have faith in God above?

Would people still be starving
On that scorched and barren plain?
Would they still be forgotten
Waiting for the season's rain?
Or would we show compassion
To the poor and those in need?
Or learn to look the other way
To fuel our selfish greed?

Would we have learned to live in peace
Or learned to count the cost? ...

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Across The Field

Across the field I once did stare
Towards the woodland that was there
I felt the cold of autumn air
And saw leaves upon the ground.

The early morning was so still
As sunlight rose above the hill
And began to warm the morning chill
But it couldn't warm my heart.

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