Andrew Curtis Markey

Rookie (08/08/86 / Pontiac, Michigan)

Biography of Andrew Curtis Markey

My name is Andrew. I’m also known as BugBoyAndy. I get that name from the
locals in my neighborhood. I study insects, write poetry and short stories, and draw.
I’m also a photographer, taking pictures of insects and wildlife, anything that catches my eyes.

I began writing poetry in my early teens. During the times when I had a lot
going through my mind. Writing about love, life and friendship, and my emotions and what I see on life itself. I write usually when I’m down or really happy, and to express myself or to show my opinions on life.

Before I discovered my poetry was a gift, I was an artist. I still technically am, but I write poems more than draw. I still have plans to use my talent in art, for illustrations for my books.

I dropped out of school at an early age. I couldn’t handle the pressure, so
tried home schooling. For some reason the school never followed the tuition
correctly. So for this, when it comes to support, I don’t get much,
i really have no friends, expect the ones on MySpace. They are the ones
who boost my confidence and give me the hope and belief that I need. Some people will say I shouldn’t depend on people for something that I take so serious. But what they don’t know, it’s the people who got me to take it serious. Updates

One Life

Here I' am waiting for an answer,
Now you must let me know
Say what's on your mind,
Before its time for me to go

We only have one chance,
For us to be together
I want us to have our time,
To make our lives much better

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