Andrew David Dalby

Rookie - -5 Points [Alphadog1] (17th Of March 1967 / Brighton East Sussex United kingdom)

Andrew David Dalby Poems

41. Twilight Is Now Softly Slow Breathing 5/4/2013
42. Dandelion 5/4/2013
43. Black Light 7/25/2013
44. The Green Man 8/24/2013
45. Triolet: From The Park 8/28/2013
46. Apple 9/6/2013
47. The Man Who Strolled Into The Sea. 9/11/2013
48. Hints And Images 5/4/2013
49. Hints Of Images 4/29/2013
50. She Moves In Rain-Dances. 4/29/2013
51. And On The Offing 1/12/2014
52. You Are My Appetence 1/12/2014
53. Our Lives Are Cordiform 1/12/2014
54. Saturnius 1/25/2014
55. For Twilight Is Softly Slow Breathing 2/1/2014
56. Bingo And Beer 3/22/2014
57. Parliament Street 6/5/2014
58. Ode To Bo 9/1/2014
59. Serpentine 3/21/2013
60. Her Delicate Kiss 3/21/2013
61. The Moon Is On The Rise 4/24/2013
62. Butterfly Eyes 3/21/2013
63. Her Eyes Reflect Such Subtle Beauty 8/19/2013
64. The Vamps Song 3/21/2013
65. Autumn Reflections 3/21/2013
66. The Eye Of Zeus 3/21/2013
67. Carpe Viam Carpe Diem 3/21/2013
68. The Deer. 1/26/2014
Best Poem of Andrew David Dalby

The Deer.

The Deer
The heavy scent of pine, oak, birch and hyssop,
Spins like secret sacred garlands within the breeze;
It twists high and then low, among the boughs of trees
that stand on the damp and musky eternal bridal road,
That leads to the town of Cassis under a celeste sky.
Its here: with a new pondering of delicate deliberation,
I see her deftly pad through twilight s last embrace.
Her feet -penetrating- the rich, dark, deep-damp soil,
That is full of the heavy scent of a rising re-birth;
where even time is held in her shy and rising ...

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The Lake

I close my eyes and the lake comes to mind:

Its silver hue, flat expanse extends onward,
Into what seems an eternal; yet is refined,
By thick mists sweeping, rolling now forward,
That is made by soft energy, simply defined.

And through the cold, crystal clear water,
Are -hard seen- large orbs of mitered stones;

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