Andrew David Dalby

Rookie - -5 Points [Alphadog1] (17th Of March 1967 / Brighton East Sussex United kingdom)

Andrew David Dalby Poems

41. Hints And Images 5/4/2013
42. Hints Of Images 4/29/2013
43. She Moves In Rain-Dances. 4/29/2013
44. And On The Offing 1/12/2014
45. You Are My Appetence 1/12/2014
46. Our Lives Are Cordiform 1/12/2014
47. Saturnius 1/25/2014
48. The Deer. 1/26/2014
49. For Twilight Is Softly Slow Breathing 2/1/2014
50. Bingo And Beer 3/22/2014
51. Parliament Street 6/5/2014
52. Ode To Bo 9/1/2014
53. Dead Weight. 3/21/2013
54. Shard 3/21/2013
55. Spirit Dream Erupts 3/21/2013
56. The Bobtail 3/21/2013
57. Twilight Is Now Softly Slow Breathing 5/4/2013
58. Dandelion 5/4/2013
59. Black Light 7/25/2013
60. Her Delicate Kiss 3/21/2013
61. Serpentine 3/21/2013
62. The Moon Is On The Rise 4/24/2013
63. Butterfly Eyes 3/21/2013
64. Her Eyes Reflect Such Subtle Beauty 8/19/2013
65. The Vamps Song 3/21/2013
66. Autumn Reflections 3/21/2013
67. The Eye Of Zeus 3/21/2013
68. Carpe Viam Carpe Diem 3/21/2013

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Carpe Viam Carpe Diem

Come on! seize that hard fought road!
That steady stained and chiselled path,
Scratched out from our chalk filled thoughts
Which touches on our naked dreams.
For it is the here, and that ever now
That desperately pleads to be run upon.
So Let us run!
Run with all our bloody heart's desire
and all our open worth;
Before times iron scythe slips
and casts its cold lot against us.
For the day is not as young,
with an ever eager pumping breast,
It tends to wander without rest.

Come on! let us seize this day!
For destiny is on the horizon, ...

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Ode To Venus

In the glint of your clear crystal eyes,
I am witness to the birth of deep desire,
For they shine with an unfettered resonance.
And in the glisten of your tender parted lips,
So sensual and bountiful with honeyed sips;
My soul rests, with heavy permanence.
For you raise me upon pealed parted wings,
Only To set me down, with shuddered swirls,

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