Andrew David Dalby

Rookie - -5 Points [Alphadog1] (17th Of March 1967 / Brighton East Sussex United kingdom)

Andrew David Dalby Poems

41. Twilight Is Now Softly Slow Breathing 5/4/2013
42. Dandelion 5/4/2013
43. Black Light 7/25/2013
44. The Green Man 8/24/2013
45. Triolet: From The Park 8/28/2013
46. Apple 9/6/2013
47. The Man Who Strolled Into The Sea. 9/11/2013
48. Hints And Images 5/4/2013
49. Hints Of Images 4/29/2013
50. She Moves In Rain-Dances. 4/29/2013
51. And On The Offing 1/12/2014
52. You Are My Appetence 1/12/2014
53. Our Lives Are Cordiform 1/12/2014
54. Saturnius 1/25/2014
55. For Twilight Is Softly Slow Breathing 2/1/2014
56. Bingo And Beer 3/22/2014
57. Parliament Street 6/5/2014
58. Ode To Bo 9/1/2014
59. Serpentine 3/21/2013
60. Her Delicate Kiss 3/21/2013
61. The Moon Is On The Rise 4/24/2013
62. Butterfly Eyes 3/21/2013
63. The Vamps Song 3/21/2013
64. Autumn Reflections 3/21/2013
65. The Eye Of Zeus 3/21/2013
66. Carpe Viam Carpe Diem 3/21/2013
67. The Deer. 1/26/2014
68. Her Eyes Reflect Such Subtle Beauty 8/19/2013
Best Poem of Andrew David Dalby

Her Eyes Reflect Such Subtle Beauty

Her eyes reflect such subtle beauty,
As in a vast and cloudless star filled sky;
While her luscious hair, weak curled, is rolling
About her glistening, radiant, pearl blue eyes.
Everything about her is so gloriously golden!
It rests so strong, within her very form:
While I, a mortal, turn with awe and wonder,
To watch her rise, then, so gently, glide along.

One moonlit ray the more, one shade the less
As my soul, impaired is so in need of grace.
But stone silver hints here now expressed
Sting so darkly from an aged ...

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All Women Are Her

The cruelty of men placed her within a barbed wire cage
But oh how strong she stood, so bold and so very brave
For she guards her spirit from the black hooked talon's,
And a dark murder that longs to scythe the night apart.

The men bitterly mocked her, as they cruelly fought her,
They placed a gnarled rope around her proud noble neck,
And she took what they gave her, and faced her monster,
As the cruel brothers she knew just stole her spirit away.

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