Andrew Hoffman

Rookie (6/23/1992)

Biography of Andrew Hoffman

I'm a guy who looks at life in ways most dont. I play guitar, listin to music, and write more then i breath. Guitar playing is my biggest passion in life and is the roots to some of my biggest intrests such as writing music and poetry. I listin to just about anything but my favorite band would have to be Nirvana. Kurt cobain is my writing insperation. A lot of people dont listin to my other favorite artist which is Marilyn Manson and i think it is because he is not afried of being who he is and well to me thats what lifes about. Those 2 write (or for Kurt, wrote) words that comes from the heart about how they feel. Which is exactly what i do. Updates


Watch us burn, watch us crumple
As we look into the nothin
Every choice that you make
Is a risk that you take
We will always bleed
But we will always succeed
Always trin to look foward
As we're lookin past this torture
And we don't care what it takes

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