andrew hutsell

Rookie (6/3/95 / Elgin IL)

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how many times does one have to succeed, before he's know to be the best or well known? why cant people just get along and play nice like when we were little? so many questions that can make a man mad... but it only takes a second to stop and relise life has its ways on influenceing us to do wild crazy things that no one will forget you for, so just stop questioning and live like your dreaming and deram of better tomorrows: 3... the lifes of a single man leads to sarrow and fun Updates


Purple, red, blue, yellow, and green
These are the colors I take
What are they for?
What do they do?
Do I need them?
Do I want them?
Can I live without them?
No I need them
I live, I breathe, I want to die
I add black

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