Andrew Lang

(31 March 1844 - 20 July 1912 / Selkirk, Scotland)

Andrew Lang Poems

81. Ballade Of The Muse 4/20/2010
82. Ballade Of Cleopatra's Needle 4/20/2010
83. Ballade Against The Jesuits 4/20/2010
84. Ballade Of Roulette 4/20/2010
85. Ballade Of Dead Ladies 4/20/2010
86. Ballade Of Blind Love 4/20/2010
87. The Moon's Minion 4/20/2010
88. Ballade Of His Books 4/20/2010
89. Ballade Of The Royal Game Of Golf 4/20/2010
90. Ballade Of Queen Anne 4/20/2010
91. Romance 1/1/2004
92. Ballades Iii - Of Blue China 1/1/2004
93. Alison Gross 4/20/2010
94. Annan Water 4/20/2010
95. Ballade Of Sleep 4/20/2010
96. Ballade Of Amoureuse 4/20/2010
97. Ballade Of The Dead Cities 4/20/2010
98. Ballade Of Autumn 4/20/2010
99. Ballade Of Aucassin 4/20/2010
100. A Scot To Jeanne D’arc 1/1/2004
101. Ballades Ii - Of The Book-Hunter 4/20/2010
102. Ballade Of The Bookworm 4/20/2010
103. Ballade Of The Midnight Forest 4/20/2010
104. Ballades I - To Theocritus, In Winter 1/1/2004
105. A Highly Valuable Chain Of Thoughts 1/1/2004
106. Ballade Of The Dream 4/20/2010
107. The Odyssey 1/4/2003
108. Aesop 1/1/2004
109. Ballade Of Worldly Wealth 4/20/2010

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Best Poem of Andrew Lang

Ballade Of Worldly Wealth

Money taketh town and wall,
Fort and ramp without a blow;
Money moves the merchants all,
While the tides shall ebb and flow;
Money maketh Evil show
Like the Good, and Truth like lies:
These alone can ne'er bestow
Youth, and health, and Paradise.

Money maketh festival,
Wine she buys, and beds can strow;
Round the necks of captains tall,
Money wins them chains to throw,
Marches soldiers to and fro,
Gaineth ladies with sweet eyes:
These alone can ne'er bestow
Youth, and health, and Paradise.

Money wins the priest his stall;
Money mitres ...

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On Calais Sands

ON Calais Sands the gray began,
Then rosy red above they gray;
The morn with many a scarlet van
Leaped, and the world was glad with May!
The little waves along the bay
Broke white upon the shelving strands;
The sea-mews flitted white as they
On Calais Sands!

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