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1. Ode To Nature Ii 8/24/2014
2. Never To Cease 8/24/2014
3. Left Behind 8/24/2014
4. Black Hole 8/24/2014
5. Take Me Home 8/24/2014
6. Challenges To Come 8/24/2014
7. Infallibility 8/24/2014
8. Inimate Eternal 8/24/2014
9. Why 8/24/2014
10. Ode To Transcendence 9/10/2014
11. Ode To Transcendence Ii 9/10/2014
12. Rolling Stone 6/14/2015
13. Two Paths 6/14/2015
14. Nature's Way 6/14/2015
15. Supporting Disturbia 6/18/2015
16. My Story, In Utero 2/24/2016
17. Coward 2/24/2016
18. Random Thoughts 2/24/2016
19. Grey And Black 2/24/2016
20. White 2/24/2016
21. An Open Cage 2/24/2016
22. Nature, An Ode 2/27/2016
23. Rm 520 2/27/2016
24. Paco 4/10/2016
25. The Wind's Baby 10/3/2011
26. Pictures 10/3/2011
27. Humble In Tumble 10/3/2011
28. Going Beyond 10/3/2011
29. Beauty 8/20/2014
30. Ode To Nature 8/24/2014

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Ode To Nature

Oh mother nature
How sweet is your bosom
Oh mother nature
Your patience, an everlasting cushion

I look into your vastness
Peer into your beauty
Your inhabitants with classlessness
Reverence in your majesty, sought truly

Destruction of the past, danger up ahead
Contending with fear, suggest uprightness instead
Capable to bring serenity and peace
And to bring people to helplessness on their knees

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Picture yourself on a boat with no one else a board
A beautiful day with the blue sea for miles in sight of the shore
The skies overhead as blue as the water beneath
The next moment as unpredictable as a leaf that falls from a tree
Dont know when its gonna fall or where its gonna land
Dont know where your going to go or the next task youll have at hand
ALl you will have is memories and the decision when you get back
What will your life be like in the future compared to what its been in th

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