Andrew Stimatze

Rookie [Rooster] (October 6th,1957 / Kansas)

Biography of Andrew Stimatze

A musician and artist by heart, a chemist by day and poet by night, my whole life has been an easel. I submit glimpses of color through poetry.

Andrew Stimatze's Works:

One of my poems, Conscience, appears in the 2013 publication 'Stars In Our Hearts' by the World Poetry Movement. Updates

Think Of Me

Think of me when darkness nears with tingling fingertips.
Remember my hand, gloved and smooth, upon your crimson lips.
Don’t forget the time we had, it wasn’t all for naught.
The best week of my life it was, a sauna moist and hot.

I didn’t start to gain that end, I’d planned another way
Seeing you asleep and calm, my will just melts away.
I watch you careful not to move a curl upon your head.
At first I turn to leave, and then I close the blinds instead.

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