Andrew Stimatze

Rookie [Rooster] (October 6th,1957 / Kansas)

Biography of Andrew Stimatze

A musician and artist by heart, a chemist by day and poet by night, my whole life has been an easel. I submit glimpses of color through poetry.

Andrew Stimatze's Works:

One of my poems, Conscience, appears in the 2013 publication 'Stars In Our Hearts' by the World Poetry Movement. Updates

Uncle Bud

I never saw him turn away, or stifle any thought.
Virginia knew him best of all, since back when she was hot.
I was part of the Mercer troupe when summers I’d impose
To visit them in Wichita. “Okay, go pack your clothes.”
Trouble he knew well enough with three kids of his own.
In looking back it was quite a feat to open up his home.

For here was yet another boy with worries, faults and questions.
(I wanted him to be my Dad and give me some direction.)

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