Andrew Tom

Andrew Tom Poems

1. Second Chance 7/13/2009
2. Ruling Dictator 10/18/2009
3. Life 10/23/2009
4. Stars Demise 10/23/2009
5. Chosen One 10/25/2009
6. Suicide Angel 1/2/2010
7. Drowning 1/2/2010
8. King Genocide 6/3/2009
9. Send Me To Hell 6/3/2009
10. Fobidden Children 6/3/2009
11. Good Night 6/3/2009
12. Intoxicated By Love 1/9/2010
13. Lost In Fatal Conclusion 1/10/2010
14. Death Clock 1/10/2010
15. Sleeping Beauty 2/13/2010
16. Serphants Coil 10/18/2010
17. Rejoicing At Death (9/11 Poem) 5/3/2011
18. Unknown Absolute 6/17/2011
19. Depraved Child 6/22/2011
20. My Fire Burns For You 9/2/2011
21. Rose Of Sharon 12/28/2012
22. Siren 12/29/2012
23. Immortal Dynasty 1/1/2013
24. The Ghost Of Her Past 1/5/2013
25. Death Silence 5/16/2013
26. The Mid Winter Dream 1/13/2010
27. Scarlet Woman 1/5/2010
28. One Man Army 1/1/2013
29. Viking's Memory 12/29/2012
30. A Life Without Reasoning 6/22/2011
31. Fallen Future 11/13/2013
32. Garden Of Eden 1/3/2010
33. Broken Butterfly Wings 8/31/2011
34. Suicide Kiss 6/4/2009
Best Poem of Andrew Tom

Suicide Kiss

Suicide kiss, kiss my life away
because its my last chance to live for another day
your kiss taste like razor blades when you put your lips near me
it cuts me into sadness when the time I feel lonely
please suicide kiss just one more kiss and this could end
I promise you this will be a last passionate kiss for us to spend
spend in time in hell where I could just fall into her spell
suicide kiss your last kiss has plunge me into my death
because the only thing you have ever given me is your one last breath
the one last breath that shall kiss her to death

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King Genocide

Blinding suffering of the human eye
that feel no remorse for the ones who's about to die
homicidal retribution begins to fills his vein
When death awaits as this territory is about to feel this pain

He exploded into terror and begins to kill he doesn't care
each of them fall one by one into lost despair, Genocides overwhelmed by the powerful Monarchy, as the King continues to conquers this entire nation,
of this isolation from freedom and peace that shall be proclaimed

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