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Andrew Vassell poet

Born in Jamaica, I was lucky to have been bought up with both dedicated parents and 3 younger sisters. I spent my holidays with my Aunt alongside my 4 female cousins.Having been raised in a highly Religious home, In my late teens I decided to venture and went to Canada where I began to find and understand the meaning of relationships, love and the feelings were a part of this new life I had found.From my loving parents,3 sisters,4 female cousins and relationships, I found it easy to express heart. Having left Canada I made a life in the UK. I pursued a career in plumbing and heating and security management....was it my passion?
From an early age I found it easy to express Heart through Poems and song writing. My life's experience in words.....
I am following my passion....
I am following my Heart....

Andrew Vassell's Works:

Love though poems
-Love & affection, edition 1 & 2
-Sensual edition 1

These are presently in it's editing stages to be published Updates

Forever My Lady

Pure delight, flawless
diamond beneath the
brightest light. My rose
within the prickle thorn.
Sustain by the organic
flavours of your seasoned
tenderness and by the
passionate presence of
your existence.

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