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Andrew Vassell poet

Born in Jamaica, I was lucky to have been bought up with both dedicated parents and 3 younger sisters. I spent my holidays with my Aunt alongside my 4 female cousins.Having been raised in a highly Religious home, In my late teens I decided to venture and went to Canada where I began to find and understand the meaning of relationships, love and the feelings were a part of this new life I had found.From my loving parents,3 sisters,4 female cousins and relationships, I found it easy to express heart. Having left Canada I made a life in the UK. I pursued a career in plumbing and heating and security management....was it my passion?
From an early age I found it easy to express Heart through Poems and song writing. My life's experience in words.....
I am following my passion....
I am following my Heart....

Andrew Vassell's Works:

Love though poems
-Love & affection, edition 1 & 2
-Sensual edition 1

These are presently in it's editing stages to be published Updates

I'Ll Pray For You And I

Ill pray that you'll learn to love as you've been loved, ill pray that within the corners of your mind you'll see what you never saw, I pray your thoughts gets deeper as your heart grows stronger. That your mind will mature and learn to give as you receive. I pray that in you, you'll see a better me.

Ill pray the day will never end, that in this life we'll still be friends & the pains we share will heal and this relationship will be sealed. I pray to be all I need to be and you'll always appr

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