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Andrew Vassell Poems

1. Nature Through You 12/15/2011
2. I'Ll Pray For You And I 12/15/2011
3. Sexy Sweat 12/15/2011
4. Mum If You Were Here 12/15/2011
5. Turn Off The Lights Tonight 12/15/2011
6. If Tomorrow Never Come 12/15/2011
7. A Complete Man 12/15/2011
8. Shower Dreams Tonight 12/15/2011
9. Remembering The Ones Who Serve Our Country 12/15/2011
10. Mum I Know You'Re Home 12/15/2011
11. Living After Your Death 12/15/2011
12. You Light The Dark 12/15/2011
13. Rainbow Lover 12/15/2011
14. My 4 Seasons Of You 12/15/2011
15. Let It Snow 12/16/2011
16. Waiting At The Alter 12/15/2011
17. Uk Riots 12/15/2011
18. Touching You Deep 12/15/2011
19. Forever My Lady 12/15/2011
20. Our Last Night 12/15/2011
21. Orchid Beauty 12/15/2011

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Best Poem of Andrew Vassell

Orchid Beauty

Glimpse of your beauty as
the sunlight rise over you.
Flavours of your scents
soak through the sense of
my smell like the waves
rushes through the seas,
image of an angel through
the beauty of a tree.

Orchid beauty shine so
bright, how your beauty
glows so bright. Though
the rain pours from above,
grow and glow and show
your love. With each night
she goes to sleep, through
morning light I feel her heat.

Orchid petal in you I see, a
life worth living and with
you I'll be. Love don't come
In pearly light but you smell
and ...

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Mum If You Were Here

If only you were here,
my life needs you near.
My wrongs could have
been right and my nights
would be bright. The
void you leave consumes
me, the pain I often feel
reduces me and leaves
me empty.

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