Andrius Anonymouse

Rookie (1996-01-15 / Lithuainia)

Biography of Andrius Anonymouse

Name Andrius, and internet nickname Sonicherois
18 year old guy, who from early childhood saw the darkest parts of life. I have lost many friends.. I have been alone, cut and broken, always having to fight for food and shelter.. Teenager life was easier, found my real father, was pulled away from that cursed country.. My life is warm and nice, but even to this year, I was controlled by Blood Royall, till few weeks ago we finally killed the organizer.. Now I'm free, but pain and visions still appear in my dreams.. I write because I feel better by doing that.. I never exaggerate anything, I write what I see, hear or think.. That's me

I do not write something that is hyper complex or that gives a huge headache. My poems are simple, but for me personally they have a huge meaning. I want to show people - Parents, adults - That this world isn't what they see.
We, kids.. We see the true darkness that lurks in the shadows, we hear there whispers, we see them, we have met them, but adults are just ignorant to them, and I want to show them, to tell them that they are deaf blind and wrong. Updates

Red Twilight

I walk along this dark road
Thinking of what I've become
Of everything I've done
I just can't believe you are gone..

The rain is falling,
The pain is growing..
Every time I close my eyes
I see blood

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