Andy Brookes

Gold Star - 38,094 Points (11 May 1954 / Macclesfield)

Andy Brookes Poems

401. A Verse In Bad Verse, Against Bad Verse Or Worse. 2/15/2017
402. Remember Treat Others As You Would Your Own 2/15/2017
403. Adrift In The Sea Of Islands 2/15/2017
404. Spirituality And Sexuality Or The Other Side Of The Coin 2/15/2017
405. Spirituality And Sexuality 2/15/2017
406. Philosophy Of Philistines And Narrow Minds 2/15/2017
407. Knots Matter Not 2 2/15/2017
408. For A Mother Never Met 6/27/2016
409. Damp Squib 6/29/2016
410. Museless 7/5/2016
411. Chopped Liver? (Another Poem That No One Will Read) 7/5/2016
412. Wuddled Mords (C W T M 50) 7/6/2016
413. Sodding Sodden 7/6/2016
414. Loonie Tombs (C W T M 51) 7/6/2016
415. A Racket For Racquets 7/7/2016
416. Passers By 7/8/2016
417. Snippets 7/8/2016
418. Body In The Corridor (C W T M 54) 7/8/2016
419. Left In The Wake (C W T M 55) 7/10/2016
420. Disc Edged Dusk 7/23/2016
421. Soggy Bottoms (C W T M 60) 7/26/2016
422. Personal Poets Panegyric Pean 7/26/2016
423. She Who Must Be Obeyed (C W T M 65) 8/11/2016
424. Out Going Tide 8/28/2016
425. Hunter And Prey 8/30/2016
426. A Plea For Rhyming Poets 8/30/2016
427. Bejewelled 8/31/2016
428. Death's Something To Hold On To, So Sure And Certain. 9/1/2016
429. Invisibility Pill Conversation With The Muse 108 9/1/2016
430. The Art Of Politness And Stiff Upper Lips 9/2/2016
431. The Cat And The Canary A Tale From The Psychiatrists Couch Or Conversation With The Muse 110 9/3/2016
432. Unrendered Seascape Conversation With The Muse 120 9/5/2016
433. 'Collywobbles' Conversation With The Muse 136 9/10/2016
434. Life Runs Too Swift 9/11/2016
435. Autumn's Decent 10/12/2016
436. Unborn Forms 10/12/2016
437. Green Whales In A Purple Sea 10/13/2016
438. Emancipated 10/13/2016
439. Corrugations, Gurgles And Umbrellas 10/13/2016
440. Catching Cold Craving Complex Cliches 10/14/2016

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Best Poem of Andy Brookes

I'm Only Human

I work my fingers to the bone,
And I know I shouldn't moan.
Not get upset about my work,
If criticised by some jerk.

It's sad to say, my skin is thin,
Tough exterior, soft within.
I try so not to let it hurt,
When hit by a poem expert.

I know I have a lot to learn,
But cruel remarks, they just burn.
And you know I have no fear,
Of ever becoming like Shakespeare.

I write just whims, airy fancies,
Which people stab with their lances.
With their thrusts they put me down,
Making me feel like a clown.

But be it good or be it ...

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Sand Head

The ostrich is a funny bird
It lays huge eggs or so I've heard.
Puts its head down in the sand
When senses perils near at hand.
But running never has occurred
Its behaviours just absurd.

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