Andy Brookes

Gold Star - 21,502 Points (11 May 1954 / Macclesfield)

Andy Brookes Poems

201. Personal Poets Panegyric Pean 7/26/2016
202. She Who Must Be Obeyed (C W T M 65) 8/11/2016
203. Out Going Tide 8/28/2016
204. Hunter And Prey 8/30/2016
205. A Plea For Rhyming Poets 8/30/2016
206. Bejewelled 8/31/2016
207. Death's Something To Hold On To, So Sure And Certain. 9/1/2016
208. Invisibility Pill Conversation With The Muse 108 9/1/2016
209. The Art Of Politness And Stiff Upper Lips 9/2/2016
210. The Cat And The Canary A Tale From The Psychiatrists Couch Or Conversation With The Muse 110 9/3/2016
211. Unrendered Seascape Conversation With The Muse 120 9/5/2016
212. 'Collywobbles' Conversation With The Muse 136 9/10/2016
213. Life Runs Too Swift 9/11/2016
214. Autumn's Decent 10/12/2016
215. Unborn Forms 10/12/2016
216. Green Whales In A Purple Sea 10/13/2016
217. Emancipated 10/13/2016
218. Corrugations, Gurgles And Umbrellas 10/13/2016
219. Catching Cold Craving Complex Cliches 10/14/2016
220. Feast For Crows 10/14/2016
221. Testimony 10/14/2016
222. The Borderman 10/16/2016
223. Croc Du Croc A Nonsence Verse A Few Crocks Take A Walk 10/16/2016
224. Soliloquy On The Cryptic Crossing Swords With The Crossword 10/18/2016
225. Oxford Overlord 10/19/2016
226. Comedy, Irony And Seriousness 10/19/2016
227. Comedy, Irony And Seriousness Ii 10/19/2016
228. Blankety Blank Frank 10/20/2016
229. Circus Freak 10/20/2016
230. Break Up 11/5/2016
231. Hiss, Oh Glottal Stop 11/5/2016
232. A Sepia Shade 11/7/2016
233. Sofa So Good 11/8/2016
234. Te Di Um Drum 11/9/2016
235. Arbeit Macht Frei 11/10/2016
236. Mistress Muse Amuses Herself 11/12/2016
237. Ergo Et Sum 11/13/2016
238. Oh No 11/14/2016
239. A Midsummer Night 11/14/2016
240. On The Bayou 11/16/2016
Best Poem of Andy Brookes

I'm Only Human

I work my fingers to the bone,
And I know I shouldn't moan.
Not get upset about my work,
If criticised by some jerk.

It's sad to say, my skin is thin,
Tough exterior, soft within.
I try so not to let it hurt,
When hit by a poem expert.

I know I have a lot to learn,
But cruel remarks, they just burn.
And you know I have no fear,
Of ever becoming like Shakespeare.

I write just whims, airy fancies,
Which people stab with their lances.
With their thrusts they put me down,
Making me feel like a clown.

But be it good or be it ...

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Pic 'N Mix

I'm a strange creature, you must agree,
Not insect, fowl nor out the sea.
Not marsupial, mammal or duck,
I'm all three, just my luck.
I swim underwater, with feet that are webbed,
And scrabble on land for I am four legged.
And if you see me, you'll think me absurd,
Because you see, I have a beak like a bird.
Don't live in a nest,   but like a mole

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