Andy Brookes

Gold Star - 39,174 Points (11 May 1954 / Macclesfield)

Andy Brookes Poems

321. Croc Du Croc A Nonsence Verse A Few Crocks Take A Walk 10/16/2016
322. Soliloquy On The Cryptic Crossing Swords With The Crossword 10/18/2016
323. Oxford Overlord 10/19/2016
324. Comedy, Irony And Seriousness 10/19/2016
325. Comedy, Irony And Seriousness Ii 10/19/2016
326. Blankety Blank Frank 10/20/2016
327. Circus Freak 10/20/2016
328. Break Up 11/5/2016
329. Hiss, Oh Glottal Stop 11/5/2016
330. A Sepia Shade 11/7/2016
331. Sofa So Good 11/8/2016
332. Te Di Um Drum 11/9/2016
333. Arbeit Macht Frei 11/10/2016
334. Mistress Muse Amuses Herself 11/12/2016
335. Ergo Et Sum 11/13/2016
336. Oh No 11/14/2016
337. A Midsummer Night 11/14/2016
338. On The Bayou 11/16/2016
339. Galling Gaudy Gadgetry 11/17/2016
340. Wiping The Hardrive 11/18/2016
341. Florentine Frenzy At Five 11/18/2016
342. Beaches And Beasties 11/21/2016
343. Anatomy Of Atomic Atoms In The Body Politic 12/6/2016
344. Internecine Inner Inertia Interaction Or Fatal Flames Of Fame 12/6/2016
345. Definetly Not Three Haiku On Dried Sunflowers 12/7/2016
346. Poets 12/7/2016
347. Dawn In A Japanese Garden 7/12/ 2016 12/7/2016
348. Saturday At Formby Point 12/9/2016
349. Pursuing Contemplative Patient Patterns 12/10/2016
350. The Lonely Places Where Poets Tread (A Dreams Remnants) 12/11/2016
351. A Box From The Attic 12/12/2016
352. Cascading Capitalist Fat Cat Ball 12/12/2016
353. Definition Of The Definite Article Unefined Unclassified. 12/13/2016
354. Binary Thoughts And Peaceful Resolutions 12/13/2016
355. Abstract But Is It Poetry. 12/13/2016
356. Skipping Stepping Stones 12/15/2016
357. Grave Thoughts 12/17/2016
358. Finally Fulfilled This Face Full Of Furrows 12/18/2016
359. Drug Of Choice 12/19/2016
360. Not 12/28/2016

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Best Poem of Andy Brookes

I'm Only Human

I work my fingers to the bone,
And I know I shouldn't moan.
Not get upset about my work,
If criticised by some jerk.

It's sad to say, my skin is thin,
Tough exterior, soft within.
I try so not to let it hurt,
When hit by a poem expert.

I know I have a lot to learn,
But cruel remarks, they just burn.
And you know I have no fear,
Of ever becoming like Shakespeare.

I write just whims, airy fancies,
Which people stab with their lances.
With their thrusts they put me down,
Making me feel like a clown.

But be it good or be it ...

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Sand Head

The ostrich is a funny bird
It lays huge eggs or so I've heard.
Puts its head down in the sand
When senses perils near at hand.
But running never has occurred
Its behaviours just absurd.

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