andy jarman

Rookie (04/11/1982 / Scunthorpe)

Biography of andy jarman

26 year old male born in the north east of England.
coming up 27 now and have realized that i do care whether i live or die. i will add to this biography as time goes by. i have worked from a young age and have a strong work ethic. my only hero is my dad. i do not aspire to be a celebrity or to become famous. though i have spent most of my life under public scrutiny. Updates

With Ease

My life is a mess and has been for some time
Only I am able to fix it
Today is the day
Or maybe not.
Sometimes it's too much to digest
Sometimes it's not enough
I wish for strength
Strength to float with ease through life
A wish is silly
A wish is stupid
Life ain't easy.
It's OK to ask for help
It's OK to accept.

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