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i was born and raised 11 years of my life in Belton Texas. i moved to Montana with my dad where my poetry hit its peak i began constantly writing what was on my mind as a poem or memoir. i have no inspiration but what is on my mind. poetry is a natural thing to me it jus rolls off tfrom the top of my head so dont ask where i get my insperation it is always from the top part of my head. although there is random times that i do have that inspiration and i will dedicate it to that thing or person. Updates

I Wonder Why

life is at an end as we know
it, everyday is another way
to die, i flee from my problems,
being on the run all the time,
as i cry in this dark corner, and wonder
why i lied to you, as the days
fly by, wondering how to
to lie next to you without wondering
how, how to make it up to you,

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