Andy Wood

Rookie - 32 Points (21st May 1970 / Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Biography of Andy Wood

After years of meandering about doing various unfulfilling jobs, a bit of eco-activism, a degree in geography, travelling round Britain and lots of hanging out playing guitar and drinking with friends, living in a squat working as a co-director of a successful workers co-op.
Some of the stuff that I posted here was written when I was living up a tree (In a little tree-house) on a protest site. It is pretty naive and quite influenced by alcohol and the amazing people I was working with, some of whom I miss loads.
The later stuff is by contrast a lot less idealistic and probably more negative, but still fairly cosmically(! ?) inclined.
I generally write this stuff just to get it out of my head and some of it makes a lot more sense years afterward when I can see it as a more basic snapshot of how I was feeling at the time with all the imagery stripped away.
My latest poems are consciously about relationships and friends with the occasional lunge at religion, politics and big business.
I don't think I'm a poet any more than anyone else in the world so please take these writings as what they are. Reflections of my character at particular points in time. Nothing more.

Andy Wood's Works:

None Updates

Labels Define Us

Selling plastic coated fabric
Maverick players are ecstatic rats
With franchise stores and whoreing hoards of units -
Empty smiling faces
Giving nothing real to children
With the one-eyed seal of blindness
No such thing as human kindness anymore
Labels define us
Finding consolation in the death of other nations freedoms

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