Anela Mrubata

Biography of Anela Mrubata

Anela Mrubata (born 1 December 1994) is an aspiring self-taught poet and hip hop artist. His craft is mostly influenced by his experiences in life. For one, he grew up in a household with a single parent, providing everything he needed to the best of her capabalities. He started writing his own music in 2009, which later led him to poetry writing in 2012. Having received great feedback from friends and family, he aims to do more with his work than just entertain and awe crowds. He aims to tell the story of life through his own eyes as well as experiences... Updates

Beauty, Love, Life

I relish the fact that my heart has found its place
Anxiety...and adrenaline rushes around my body and through my veins
Mind, body and soul all glued to that wonderful, pretty face
The simplistic beauty you poses makes my love feel so great surroundings make our valued time stand still
Eyes fixed upon each other, side by side...put together at hearts will
I conjure no words of existance to explain this pure feeling...
...Of mutual attraction between two souls in search of a