Angel A. Lockwood Quotes

20 January 2015

If you only begin By walking Begin away Your perseverance Will pay off Then you shall run someday!

05 October 2019

Evoke Embrace Evolve That's All

03 April 2021

I made reservations for two On the moon A place we will visit together Real soon I will rub your back You will kiss my toes We will awaken on the floor After we full enjoy The reservations from heavens door From twilight Till noon We were glued

24 April 2021

I caught a vision of heaven The other day I seen friends and love ones Which has passed away I heard a still small voice To me say It's not your time yet In this body you must stay There's illumination everywhere Is all I can say Fields and fields of beautiful exotic looking flowers attached with Jewels too Light and love Upon every face That looks upon you

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