Angel Diaz

Rookie (August 8,1997)

Biography of Angel Diaz

Name: Angel Diaz
Birthday: 8-8-97
School: Shields School/Orozco Acam.
High School: Curie High School
Home Town: Chicago

I'm in High school, I write mostly Poem's and hope to get them Published, My first novel that I'm working on is 'Writer's Of The Night' Please, help by giving me advice and supporting my art. Check out my Poems online
Please Share my Work. Updates

True Friend

You were my best friend from the very start,
I will always have you in my heart.
I know that we were draft apart,
but your place hasn't changed in my heart.
in june, I look at the moon,
it reminds me of you.
on the radio I play a tune,
that reminds me of you,
when I have the blue's I come to you,

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