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Photographs bring me joy.
The best ones take me into the moment.
Make me feel.
A connection is made.
A memory.
A mood.
Those are the ones that grab you.
Instant favorites.
Photographs you are thankful to have experienced.

I adore portraits, photographs of children, pets, birds, landscape, retro, art nudes, b&w and so many more!
Photography is an ultimate love of mine.
The amazing feeling I get when I see something, a moment or image that I just have to capture.
The shots that seem to fall into your lap.
The ones that call out to you.
A photo that becomes a piece of you.
An expression of me.

Photogaphy is sharing with the world the beauty that I see around me.
I also love viewing other's photographs as much as I enjoy taking my own!

I love a good subject.
I love spending time taking a million shots.
I soon plan to find friends and family who are willing models and have some fun trying my hand at staged/directed portrait photography.

I find such happiness in the fun of taking all kinds of shots...the excitement and anticipation of a fabulous shot.
Yes, I love Photography.

Flower gardening also brings me tremendous happiness.
Inner peace.
I enjoy tending to my plants and flowers.
The simple act of watering them brings me relaxation.
Fiding a new bloom is a beautiful moment of joy.
Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies.
I also plan to begin growing house plants as well, because the winter months are simply unbearable to me :)

Observing the beauty of childhood, feeling the sun, relaxing days at the beach, observing the world around me, precious moments with my pets and my boys, getting to know myself and enjoying the knowledge and reflection that age brings...these are the things that make up me... These are a few of the things that I adore!

I'm a girl
I like girls

I find myself here at 31 years old thiinking...
'Wait...What? ... huh? ... I'm middle aged? ...
When did that happen? ...
When is that shit gonna hit me? '
I'm just now starting to feel like a grown up.

I'm the mother of teen boys

I'm so very proud of them both <3

I became a mom at 15

I came out in my mid-twenties

I began a lifelong love affair with Mary Jane in my late 20's

I've been on a self discovery journey since the late 90's

I'm a sexual abuse survivor

I am manic depressive

I have panic attacks

Life is still beautiful

I treasure moments, save snap shots of them in my memory.

Enjoy the moment

Feel the Joy

I am a Pisces

I appreciate the beauty and uniqueness in everyone

But I don't like mean people

I have a passion for photograhy, flower gardening, poetry, quotes, lyrics, kindess, and the absolute beauty of women

I grew up on a farm

Raised by my Grandma and Grandpa

I love horses

I love fashion

Cowgirls turn me on

I need to lose 20 pounds
But I'm still beautiful
Inside and out

I feel music in my soul

Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Steve Carell are the funniest human beings alive!

And Jack Black rules! ! !

My favorite movie list is enormous! Same with my lyrics list! !

And Quotes! ! !

I guess I'm a collecter!
[ giggle ]

Curves are beautiful

Water soothes me

I have blue eyes

I'm opinonated and vocal about the things I believe in

I'm not a fan of Government

I love long discussions after blazing

Pink is my favorite color

Red Door is my favorite perfume

80's Music rocks my socks! ! !

I also luv Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Rap, Pop, ect.
I just don't like heavy metal

I need a tan!

I love, love, love cats! ! !

I don't fear death. I actually look forward to the end of this journey, when I have learned the lessons and finished the growth that comes from all of the experiences this lifetime has taught me. When my stay here on earth is over, I'll be granted the ultimate reward. Once again I'll be home, surrounded by God's Love. Surrounded by lost loved ones, and precious pets I've held in my heart will once again jump joyfully into my open arms. Heaven. I can't wait to be back home!

I love making people smile and laugh =)

I hate cooking!

I love eating out! !

I'm a movie collector...with a neverending list of favorites!

I drive fast

I love browsing through thrift stores

I have a very sarcastic sense of humor

I despise people who are fake!
I wish they would just be themselves and celebrate
everything that makes em' unique!

I watch a lot of music videos

I luv, luv, luv Mary Jane...
We became buds when I was twenty-nine years old!

I write poetry

My favorite movie of all time is Anchorman

I was raised by my Grandparents during most of my childhood

I love flowers and flower gardening

Tulips are my favorite

I think that Tivo is one of the best inventions, ever!

I could easily become a crazy cat lady!

Music is an important part of my life

I'd love to see a Broadway show

I have finely tuned gaydar =)

I'm rarely comfortable around men

I also have trust issues.

Lingering issues from childhood, as a sexual abuse survivor.

I was a little girl who found a way to cope with the devestation.
I learned to protect myself the only way that I could.
Zone out. Shut down.
I have no memory of a lifetime without sexual abuse.
I don't remember when I learned to escape from reality.
For as long as I can remember, it's something that happens without effort.
Second nature.
I've learned that this is a common ability of most abuse survivors.
It is a coping mechanism, the only way to block out that which you are incapable of dealing with at the time.
A child soon adjusts to this just being a part of life.
Not a big deal.
Just moments to get through until it's over.
Until the next time.

Denial comes hand in hand with abuse.
When I was all grown up, I viewed my molestation as a minor part of my life.
I actually thought that it was over and done with.
Something that I didn't have to deal with anymore.
Didn't think it had much effect on me.
Didn't understand the depth of devestation carried silently within.
Didn't realize the scars upon scars that had been lurking in the darkness of my denial.
I was completely stunned the day that it all came crashing through.
Out of nowhere.
Out of the blue........

My sister and I were in an argument...she called me irresponsible...
I lost it.
A lifetime of protecting someone you love, from the hell you lived through.
It all came crashing through me with incredible force.
One little word.
Opening the floodgates locked long ago.
That was the beginning.
I had no control over facing the reality of my pain, memories, hurt, anger.
I was 22.
I was finally strong enough to face what I had been hiding from myself.
I was about to begin a journey that would change my life.
My journey toward healing.
But that's a story for another day.

I'm pretty damned opinionated

I'm a huge procrastinator

I'm a country girl
My sister is a city girl

For years my dream car was actually a Chevy Silvarado Truck.
These days I'm longing for a Mini Cooper! ! !

When my youngest son was a baby, I was arrested for smaking my mother-in-law in the face.
She came to my house drunk, calling me nasty names and refused to leave after repeated requests and then demands. I plead not guilty, described the incident to the judge...and was found innocent.
That's the extent of my criminal record, lol!

I love shoes! ! !

I adore heels, but they kill my bunions =(

I luv, luv, luv purses! ! !

My style is mainly cute, old navy casual.
Love vintage tees, cartoon character tees, adorable little lacy cami's, ect.
Hot Topic Rocks! ! !
I crush hard on cowgirls and cowboys

Failure and abandonment/rejection are my two biggest fears

I'm a perfectionist...or at least attemt to be.
I hold high standerds for myself.
I'm too hard on myself at times.

If I were a rich girl, my ass would be living in Hawaii

I think that women are the most beautiful creations on this earth

I luv watching cartoons

I'm anti-war...but have much love and support for our troops.

I hate the government

Big Brother scares me

I really love architecture

I'm a big stand up comedy fan

I'm a total 'carb-aholic' ;)

I enjoy walks through cemetaries. It's really interesting to read grave stones, imagining what each persons life may have been like.

I love all time fav is Red Door

I can be a tad bit of a control freak at times. It makes me feel safe

I've always had problems with authority figures

The library is one of my favorite hangouts

I'm a magazine fiend!
I get tons of free subscriptions thanks to the net [ freebie heaven! ]
My favorite mag is US Weekly.... a celebrity gossip rag.

Thomas Kinkade is my favorite artist

My favorite music artist of all time is Martina McBride
She puts so much emotion into her songs, I get goosebumps!
I must see her in concert one day!

My short term memory is terrible.
You know the saying 'I'd forget my head if it weren't attached'...
That's me
Totally me
[ giggle ]

I'm a tattoo lover! My first tattoo will be a beautiful black and white Angel, elaborately detailed shading, full antique style wings... with a fancy font (still undecided bout which one yet ] with the words 'Angel with a Broken Wing'.
A very strong and meaningful symbol of myself, my life experiences, my growth...
I've wanted this tattoo for years, and as soon as my budget allows, I'm sooo there.

Vintage tee's rock my socks! My current fav is my super comfy baby blue Tee, very 70's style, rainbow splash with 'Corvette' in lettering and an old school corvette image. Updates

Revealing All Of Me

Sitting side by side, your hand I take in mine
Trembling, I begin...eyes glistening with tears
This may come as quite a surprise...
So well I've kept it hidden all these years

I'm really not the girl
I've always pretended to be
There's an emptiness that aches inside my soul
A dark feeling that never leaves

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