Angel Morrell

Rookie (Alabama)

Biography of Angel Morrell

I started writing when I was in high school. Many of my poems back then were very dark and depressing. I gave up on it for many years and have now returned with a new view. Love is so much better then depression, though I have felt both. My dream is to one day write free lance for greeting cards. Although, structure and wording can be different, if you write from the heart I do not think you are wrong in what you write.
My husband of 11 years and my beautiful children are my inspirations. As are the people whose hearts you can see, even when others can't. My words are my gifts to them. I hope they bring comfort, joy and hope to others as well. Updates

What Lies Beneath

Underneath what is not said,
In our hearts and in our heads,
Unspoken words whisper in the breeze,
What is shared between you and me.

When I need to feel your embrace,
Or need to see just your face,
If I need to feel you near,
I close my eyes and you are here.

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