Angel Rider

Rookie (02/07/97 - yeah, not dead yet. / Ireland)

Biography of Angel Rider

My name is Angel Rider and I'm 12 years old. Before you even start thinking it, no. I'm not some old guy posing as a 12 year old girl, trust me.

Angel Rider's Works:

None so far, it'd be a little weird for a 12 year old to publish a book. Although I am working on writing a book, but more for my own enjoyment of reading it over and over. If I did publish a book, it wouldnt be a poetry book. Cause the fact is, Im horrible at poetry. I'm not even sure why I post poems on here. It might be because of my lack of a life. Updates

Angel Night

Every day since you were born
There's an angel on your window
Sitting there so solemnly
Waiting for you to notice

There's an angel on your window
He cries for you at night
Waiting for you to notice
But he knows you'll never hear

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