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Well, I live in Armenia in a small town. I'm a student, I study at the Linguistic University in Yerevan. I study English and Italian.
To tell the truth I am not a poet, I just like to compose something when I have spare time. I am fond of reading poems very much :)
My desired dreams are
to fulfil God's purposes and plans in my life
to become a good interpreter
to be good sister for my brother
to have faithful friends
to be in the 6 continents.....
I believe my dreams will come true :)

Thank you. God bless!

Years later........
Hello, I still live in the same city, But i've graduated from the univercity though i want to continue my education....... My dreams have been changed....I was going to marry to a man whom I loved with all my heart and soul, (and I still do) just after a month.... but...I would never thought and believed that it would also happen to me! I thought his love for me was sincere like mine!

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Hey, You

Hey greedy man, hey displeased man
Your mind is long, your life is short!
How many people passed like you
Before you and in front of you?

What could they take from this life
That you think you can take with you?
Pass gladly, pass with peaceful mind
The way that is opened in front of you!

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