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I am 30 years old an have been writting poetry since I was a child. Poetry for me is a window into the soul, an outlet for lifes indevers, a chance to express myself when I am troubled, sad, happy, ect. I could never imagine myself not writting, I also write short stories these also all come from the soul, everything I have ever written comes form real life, my life, lives of others, I believe that writting is a gift, a gift that is often wasted without sharing it with others so please feel free to read from my entries an comment as you will. Thank you for this chance, I hope you will feel each word I've written as I did when I wrote them, they may not all be happy one's for I have recently had a lot of great loss in my life starting with the death of my pa (grandfather) whom I love an adore very, very, very much may he rest in peace always!
signed pa's lil soilder in an army
of one. aka angel sikorski Updates

His Memory Lives On

Heaven opened its gates an inside you now reside.
I look around this cold world for a sign,
a sign that might reveal to me I'm not as alone as I feel,
an suddenly a song shall play to remind me that
your memory will forever play on.

Airplanes flying across the sky,
a gentle breeze upon my cheek,
a young girl walking hand an hand with her grandfather,

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