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I am just 15 and i am attending high school. I am one of many who are in the marching band but i am the only drum major. i feel that music is a way of escaping and not having to deal with your feelings like most do, and i think that when i just sit and stare into space im thinking of something and i think of i dont know to be honest. you know what i have no idea what i am talking about to be honest i am just a 15 yr. old grl and i am just trying to fit in and be normal and i see there is no normal. not in the world that i live in, i feel that there is nothing waiting for me once i graduate in 2015 if i graduate in 2015.

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none but i guess i will someday Updates


They have all done it
They have all seen it
They have all lost it
I wish that I had too
They say that it hurts
They say it's amazing
They say you only get one chance
They say to use protection
Well maybe this is my answer

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