Angel Smith

Rookie (25/04/1990 / Tasmania)

Biography of Angel Smith

18 year old female. I wrote these poems when i was 15, times were different. Most recent poem about my much missed toy poodle of 6 years who was murdered. I will always miss her....

Im happily in a relationship of 3 years, completed year 12 and am now Deli Manager for coles supermarkets. Love Australia it is my home. Feel free to message me Angel XoXo... Updates

An Individual

Why are some so pretty?
Yet why are some called freaks?
Not responsible for our looks,
Everyones unique..
For even the prettiest roses,
Have their wretched thorns,
As do dull nights,
have there pretty dawns...
So whether classed a freak,
Or classed as being cool,
Remember you are yourself,
An Individual.

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