Angel Smith

Rookie (25/04/1990 / Tasmania)

Biography of Angel Smith

18 year old female. I wrote these poems when i was 15, times were different. Most recent poem about my much missed toy poodle of 6 years who was murdered. I will always miss her....

Im happily in a relationship of 3 years, completed year 12 and am now Deli Manager for coles supermarkets. Love Australia it is my home. Feel free to message me Angel XoXo... Updates

I Should'Ve Left...

I thought I was ok, with the things that you do.
But it looks like I’m not cause of these feelings for you.
I thought they weren’t there, that they had just gone away.
But obviously not, since I cant stand this pain.
One way or another I know what you do,
Whether I hear it, see it, I know its with you.
I love you so much, yet fail to see,
How you can love or even like me,
If you did then you wouldn’t find this need,

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