Angel Valdez

Rookie (August 20 1994)

Biography of Angel Valdez

Angel Valdez poet

Angel Valdez is a Teenager,
Who doesn't understand why life is so cruel at times. Angel is a friendly and one the most nicest person I've met.

Her passion is Writting Her thought feelings,
on paper.
She had passed many people in her life,
That only walk in and out and step all over her,
But she still stands with an open heart,
And lets people come through half way.

As Angel is growing,
She lives life as its thrown to her,
Without any explanations of why it comes the way it does.
When she turned 14 she figures out
That she doesnt need an army to protect her
Because she doesnt let anyone get close enough,
To hurt her in the first place. Updates


Some Life styles aren't as we expect.
Some lead to bad memories or even good ones.
People Live there dreams, Others give up and throw it away.
As for me I lived my worst Nightmare but i always knew in the back of my head that i wouldn't live it for long.
Others live their Fantasies, but always know they wouldn't live it for long either.
So when you wake up and the next minute everything you ever got close to, and everything you ever worked for is Gone.
Don't mind because
'Those who mind d

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