Angel Weak

Rookie (6/1/1989 / North Carolina)

Biography of Angel Weak

I do not write on a regular basis, my poems usually come from emotion. Whether it is joy, anger, sadness, regret, or even impatience. whatever is going on at the moment, whatever I am feeling at that very second is what I put into words. Very rarely do things get rewritten. I believe that some of the best things written or expressed come from the first draft. When you are not second guessing yourself or following someone else's direction. Not saying that I am never open to suggestions I just reserve the right to ignore or disagree with them :) Updates


This feeling crashes over me like a wave it swallows me whole
Knocking me this way and that
Trying to beat me to its will
It floods my mind with images of things I would like to forget
And actions I don't want to repeat
The tearing, dripping, and pain are the only things I see
The only things I know
I try to fight being swallowed whole
There is always one more wave

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