Angela Poen

Freshman - 701 Points [Orisha T'go] (20 April / Brits)

Biography of Angela Poen

Brits born, last born
Wits going, first gone
Who bets on
Best poets,
Best educators & masters

I place my head on the lyrical pillow
Everynight, Watching the stars
and the moon through my window
Like a widow, I sit on the matress and mourn moments with alphabets
I find the art in dropping my head down to the exam pad
As I run the black ink accross those white sheets
In the dark with the help of a lighter
my hand, structuring every character (alphabet) with respect.
Like a hero, I find victory in striking one's brain with those words that my pillow whispers in my ear everynight
I find pleasure in thinking about what you're thinking
And what you choose to ignore
And I put those on a piece of paper

I am only an angel -the messanger
Came not to judge
But to reveal the truth that you might just not see
To whisper into your ears what you cannot hear
To deliver the message
And to say on your behalf, what you cannot say

I get my revelation from the sweet sounds of nature
I befriended isolation to fulfill this mission
Pen and paper became my best friends
In the midst of silence and lonliness
As I ink the paper with the past experiences
The present and what we all expect in the future
I hope it all reaches your soul
And in case you wonder who on earth is talking..

My name is Tebogo Angela Poen
You can call me Angy/ T'go
Stay tuned, learn and enjoy Updates

Sgila (School)

Chewing gums, energy drinks and sunglasses
Popcorns, water bottles and books
Cigarettes, weed and smoothies
Accents and crushes
Funky clothing and funky hairstyles
Nerds, libraries and reading glasses
Highliters and dictionaries
Sportsmen and their big bags and tekkies
Comrades and votes

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