Angela Poen

Freshman - 701 Points [Orisha T'go] (20 April / Brits)

Angela Poen Poems

1. Rest In Peace 4/15/2015
2. Happy Anniversary 4/15/2015
3. If God And Lucifer Were Still Friends 4/23/2015
4. My Weak Soul 5/9/2015
5. Survelliance Camera 5/27/2015
6. I Need A Break 5/27/2015
7. I Am My Own Being 5/27/2015
8. Betrayal 5/27/2015
9. Let's Escape The Planet 5/29/2015
10. Freedom 6/9/2015
11. My Philosophy Of Peace (Shalom) 7/22/2015
12. Let The Relay Begin 8/24/2015
13. Unbalanced Equation 1/8/2016
14. In Time 1/8/2016
15. Note To Inlaws 8/23/2016
16. Her Daily Routine 9/2/2016
17. Untitled 11/5/2016
18. Trapped 11/27/2016
19. Love Was Supposed To Conquer All 1/15/2017
20. Trapped 2 (Caged In A Mansion) 3/15/2017
21. Waiting On Him 3/17/2015
22. My Headsets 3/17/2015
23. The Victim's Character 4/9/2015
24. Cry 4/9/2015
25. Love 'Negotiation' Letter 4/9/2015
26. These Hands 4/13/2015
27. Love Excuses 4/14/2015
28. Gone With Your Neatness 4/15/2015
29. My Mother Slapped Me 3/30/2015
30. If I Knew Then....? 4/7/2015
31. Endless Love, Endless Kisses 4/4/2018
32. Giving Is The Secret Principle Of Receiving 3/17/2015
33. The Lady You Want 2/20/2015
34. The Tears Of A Busy Man 3/9/2015
35. Downtown 2/20/2015
36. About Me 3/19/2015
37. God's Love 3/17/2015
38. Sgila (School) 2/20/2015
39. What's Royalty Then? 4/8/2015
40. I Do Not Miss You 2/20/2015

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Maybe we expect too much from those we love
Perhaps it's a lot to expect that they be loyal and faithful
She thought of how it could be a privilege for her to at least have a 1 minute talk with her man as some kids never get to have that
She has tried to be all he could ever want
Tried to do all he could ever wish for
But "enough" didn't seem to be any of those
You see, they say sharing is caring
But this kind of sharing could destroy every piece of human soul
She sat and waited for her turn as He went on a hustle
Which these days is "fishing for ...

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The Tears Of A Busy Man

The tears of a busy man

All I ever wanted was to provide
All I ever wanted was to be the head of the house
Little did I know that all you ever wanted was
Neither a dime nor fancy clothes
But to spend some time with me
I thought I was doing the best I could to give you the best life
I wanted you to remain a trophy wife

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