Angela R. M. Ferrer

Rookie (Sept 17,1989 / Phillipines)

Biography of Angela R. M. Ferrer

Angela R. M. Ferrer was born in Makati City, Philippines on September 17,1989. Raised in Quezon City, she attended traditional Catholic primary and secondary schools in School of the Holy Spirit. Later, she attended college in University of Asia & the Pacific in Pasig City, specializing in Child Development & Education. To date, she helps out in the family business and mostly writes for herself, occasionally publishing some of her works online.

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Wonder And Hate

I tried my best to understand,
but sometimes it's just so hard.
I try my best to learn,
but no matter how I try,
I always fail.

It seems like fate is against me,
it doesn't let me win.
It seems luck hates me,

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