Angela R. M. Ferrer Poems

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At Afternoons

Elbows hit while sitting right next to each other,
I hear your breath from the awkward silence
You ask me a question or two,
you smile a little and when I see it,

It's Not

It's not about what you say,
but what it means.

It's not about what you see,

The Humpty Dumpty Blues

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty suddenly falls
Humpty Dumpty cried and cried
but nobody can put his shells back

Wonder And Hate

I tried my best to understand,
but sometimes it's just so hard.
I try my best to learn,
but no matter how I try,

To Try

I'll take every chance I get
to do something meaningful.
I'll treat my every moment that last,
so the essense will always be beautiful.


Others have let go even before it begun
The rest remained, doubt reigned
For the magnanimity of this universe
we ask for a hand


Strange that I don't see
the warmth given to me
I wonder how it all vanished

Blind Men

Show me the truth
the one that boils beneathe your eyes
What do you see
When you gaze at me

Personal Eternity

He touches her face
Sends her a smile
Takes her hand
and twirls her around

Circus Of Creones

Come see
the Circus of Creones
All the colours in the world
Brimming, hopping