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Angela Wybrow Poems

361. The Dandelion Seed 8/18/2013
362. Surfers' Paradise 4/25/2013
363. Spring Has Come 4/2/2013
364. Verse Speaking Exam 2/20/2013
365. The Dawn Chorus 11/15/2011
366. The Coventry Squirrels 8/12/2011
367. Summer Is Nearly Over 9/7/2011
368. Ode To Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who) 7/30/2011
369. Simple Pleasures 7/27/2011
370. The Island 6/22/2011
371. What I Saw In London.. 6/27/2011
372. Street Dancing 11/20/2011
373. Invisible 11/2/2011
374. The Phone Call 11/3/2011
375. 'Tans For The Memory (Orangutans) 1/28/2012
376. The White Stag 1/4/2013
377. Enchanted 5/31/2013
378. Dancing Daffodils 4/16/2013
379. My Constant Companion 5/10/2013
380. By Blackfriars Bridge 7/6/2012
381. Nourishing My Mind 8/29/2012
382. Funeral Procession 10/13/2012
383. The Dartmoor Pixies 9/27/2012
384. Bees 9/28/2012
385. A Nation Celebrates 6/4/2012
386. Grateley 12/6/2013
387. Fall From Grace 10/6/2014
388. Butterfly, Butterfly 11/5/2013
389. Hurricane Jude 10/28/2013
390. Sweep Love 10/10/2013
391. Fear Of Falling 10/20/2013
392. Winter Wonderland 10/16/2013
393. Army Child 6/1/2014
394. In My Dreams (2) 10/19/2015
395. Guzzling Gulls 8/14/2015
396. Unwelcome Guests 9/16/2015
397. Walking On Air 9/26/2017
398. New Starter 11/4/2015
399. To A Potato 11/4/2015
400. Facing The Facts (Wolfblood) 11/28/2012

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A Headful Of Thoughts

I'm lying here, wide awake
Trying hard to get some sleep;
But my brain is totally buzzing,
So it's useless counting sheep!

My mind is manically racing,
Thinking of words and ideas;
I think of the sad poem that I just wrote,
And my eyes suddenly fill up with tears.

I need to get some sleep,
As I'm actually pretty tired;
But my brain is so alive:
Like, it's been electrically wired!

Many times, I've had new thoughts,
And jumped out of my cosy bed,
To quickly grab a pen and paper,
And jot them down before they leave my head. ...

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Remembering Misty

Sometimes it felt like you were my only friend,
And I was so upset when it all came to an end.
When I heard the news that you had died,
I'll readily admit the fact that I cried.

Racing towards me, you didn't seem to have a second to spare.
It was almost like your life depended on you getting there.
Upon arrival at my feet, you'd promptly turn away from me,
So as I could stroke the fur on your back very gently.

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