Angela Yarbrough

Rookie [A. Michaelle Yarbrough, bossladyone] (Lansing, Michigan)

Biography of Angela Yarbrough

I was born in 1964 to Napoleon and Alice Keitt. Shortly after traveling across the USA a few times I settled in California where I meant my better half Dave. Today I write poetry about the things I have seen in my travels or what I have experienced in my life. In 2007 I was nominated by the International Society of Poets as Poet of the year. Although I did not win I got to meet some wonderful talent that believed in me. So now I write.

Angela Yarbrough's Works:

Published in the Poetic Bond II and by the Society of Classical Poets. Updates

Two Gold Dollars

Pushing a stroller as she walked in a hurry
She was dressed in clothes that were dirty
With hair matted and a face of lines that deeply ran
The stroller looked as if it came from a garbage can

Hanging from the handles were dirty leather bags
Covering something in the seat tattered blankets like rags
She approached looking like time had been unkind
But in her eyes a glimmering smile was defined

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