Angelia McKee

Biography of Angelia McKee

Picturesque scenes of the hills of Kentucky come to mind, wandering aimlessly around in the abundant wooded areas, the beauty of autumn leaves turning into a plethora of color, and falling from their moorings to land softly upon the ground. The winters can be harsh, but are gentle compared to what some must endure.
Spring leaps in so quickly, that on occasion, there is no warning and the only way to realize spring has arrived is the blazing blooms surrounding a person. In summer, the heat becomes rather oppressive, but can be drowned away at the many beaches, though artificially made they may be. Sandcastles and beach attire abound.
There is something about this place, something that supercedes all others and in time calls for a certain amount of devotion. Something in this place fits nicely with my soul. Updates


I breathe you now, though at such a distance, I’m unsure how.
I can stand as close as possible, yet never take in your scent.
You could stink for all I know.

The very sight of you, blinding, as though looking at the sun.
I can see you clearly, but never know the color of your hair.
No painting, not matter how neat, could capture such unruly magnificence.

You have the voice of perfection.

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