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The poems are honestly, completely original- someone whose captivated by angels, and the poems somehow relate to angels featuring in a real world. They consist of reveries, brewed with illusions and realities.

Note: all my poems are under copyright infringement concerns, on a website with strict punishment for those stealing or claiming others work as their own. Please do not copy and paste on any other site or as a scrap without the authors permission, because you could be in trouble.

Hi i'm Annie
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You Are Not Alone.......

If you sit alone, hair opened to winds unfair;
If you are shell-enclosed, no one to care;
If water had blown your sand castle away;
The mistakes and retakes, don't matter today.

Darkness of the skies is just your fear;
Your angel has come, get your self near;
Don't drench your self alone in the rain;
She can take away memories of your pain.

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