Angelic Warrior

Angelic Warrior Poems

1. Summer Is Over 5/24/2009
2. The Daisie 8/10/2009
3. So Desperately We Hope 8/11/2009
4. Hello? ...Are You There! ? 8/26/2009
5. The Butterfly Board 8/30/2009
6. Showers In Heaven 8/30/2009
7. They Fall From Heaven 9/2/2009
8. Pondering Love 9/2/2009
9. I Pray To Thee Lone Angel 9/8/2009
10. Bask In The Light! (Haiku) 11/21/2009
11. Lake...Home (Haiku) 11/21/2009
12. Breathe (Haiku) 11/21/2009
13. A Song That Fell From The Sky 12/16/2012
14. Never Give Up! 5/29/2009
15. The Keeper Of My Heart 8/11/2009
16. Goodmorning! 8/11/2009
17. Look To The Stars.... 6/19/2009
18. Life Is A Bumpy Road 8/10/2009
19. I Am...? 11/21/2009
20. Green Or Black? 9/8/2009
21. A Home For A Home, For Me! 11/21/2009
22. I Love You 10/12/2009
23. Music..Its As Simple As That 9/8/2009
24. To My Dear Friend, Who Brought Me Back From A Terrible Place 9/4/2009
25. Day Dream 11/21/2009
26. Shoes That Sing 6/23/2009
27. Time Is Always Ticking 6/13/2009
28. Heaven Is Her Home 6/19/2009
29. Prey Or Predator? 6/19/2009
30. The Last Goodbye 5/27/2009
31. Snow Flakes...My Icy Cristals 5/28/2009
32. Dance In The Light 11/21/2009
33. To My Dearly Beloved Sister 10/25/2009
34. Moonlight Goddess 9/5/2009
35. Dreams Flow Like Rivers In The Sky 8/30/2009
36. I Wish I Could Give You The World 8/26/2009
37. We Need To Rethink Santa 5/24/2009
38. Wake Me At Dawn (Haiku) 5/26/2009
39. Decisions, Decisions 6/16/2009
40. A Flower 11/21/2009

Comments about Angelic Warrior

  • Floyd Zimmerman (9/2/2009 6:26:00 PM)

    Good luck saving the world, Angelic Warrior Poet!

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  • Leslie Alexis (heaven Is My Home) (6/29/2009 12:11:00 AM)

    this girl................................. wow.

Best Poem of Angelic Warrior

*sweet Release*

In a world that is ruled by pompous idiots,
and marked by war and destruction,
anyone would search for release.

Somewhere were life doesn't matter,
where all are happy,
and earth is treated with respect.

People dream of this life,
but really never obtain it,
only a sad copy.

But in places untouched by humanity,
were plants thrive and animals rule,
the dream lives on.

Such places are dwindling,
population reeks control over wildlife,
let us help fight back.

Fight back, and look for relief,
look but don't touch, ...

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My Fire

Fire is my life, fire is my hope, fire is my everything.

Confusion, whipping, whirling never ending.
Always colder, always harder, cruel and devastating all in one.

Fire is my life, fire is my hope, fire is my everything.

Light, I need a light to keep at bay the ever darkening hour.
Searching for warmth, searching to hide, searching to survive.

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