Angelic Warrior

Angelic Warrior Poems

41. Dreams Flow Like Rivers In The Sky 8/30/2009
42. Day Dream 11/21/2009
43. Summer Is Passion 6/28/2009
44. Night Shade 5/26/2009
45. Why? 5/24/2009
46. Foot Prints In The Sand 9/27/2009
47. Who Am I? 5/24/2009
48. Do You...? 9/2/2009
49. Today Is Our Day! 5/24/2009
50. One Discord Can Ruin Everything 6/7/2009
51. Breath Life Into Me.... 6/6/2009
52. All Is Over....... 7/6/2009
53. /\the Elements\/ 9/5/2009
54. Don'T Think.... 5/29/2009
55. My Treasure I Give To You 9/8/2009
56. Dear Sister, I Wish I Knew How To Try. 5/31/2009
57. ~shades~ 8/26/2009
58. Believe In Me? 5/31/2009
59. ~~the Life I Never Wanted~~ 5/28/2009
60. A Most Beautiful Kiss 8/11/2009
61. ~is Time A Waste Or Is Life A Waste Of Time? ~ 6/14/2009
62. *to You..My Love 10/25/2009
63. My Fire 5/24/2009
64. A Sad Happiness 6/26/2009
65. Desiderata 9/2/2009
66. Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights 9/5/2009
67. *the Day My Life Fell To Pieces. 8/10/2009
68. Dark V.S. Light 5/26/2009
69. *you Are...Everything-And I Love You 5/31/2009
70. *sweet Release* 5/24/2009
Best Poem of Angelic Warrior

*sweet Release*

In a world that is ruled by pompous idiots,
and marked by war and destruction,
anyone would search for release.

Somewhere were life doesn't matter,
where all are happy,
and earth is treated with respect.

People dream of this life,
but really never obtain it,
only a sad copy.

But in places untouched by humanity,
were plants thrive and animals rule,
the dream lives on.

Such places are dwindling,
population reeks control over wildlife,
let us help fight back.

Fight back, and look for relief,
look but don't touch, ...

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My Fire

Fire is my life, fire is my hope, fire is my everything.

Confusion, whipping, whirling never ending.
Always colder, always harder, cruel and devastating all in one.

Fire is my life, fire is my hope, fire is my everything.

Light, I need a light to keep at bay the ever darkening hour.
Searching for warmth, searching to hide, searching to survive.

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