Angelica Boyce

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Biography of Angelica Boyce

Hello my name is Angelica.: ] i am a small town country girl.. never really liked the city. i was born and raised in vermont. i like muddin, huntin, fishin, hangin with my friends, partyin, and havin a good time. i'm usually always happy, i always have a smile on my face.. i'm one of those girls were even if i'm extremly hurt i'll still look at you and smile and i'll brighten up anyones day even if i can't brighten up my own. i'm really a nice person unless you do somthing to make me hate you... but even if i hate someone they can still trust me. i'm one of those people that anyone can trust even if i hate someones guts, if they need me i'll be there for them. i'm really funny and the life of any party. i'm just a simple country girl. :) Updates

Live Life Right (Song)

These days just keep goin' by
It seems like I'm loosein' my life
The whole world is flyin' by me as i stand still
I start walkin' slowly as it passes before my eyes
Am i loosing my life
Or am i the only one takein' my time

Everyone seems to be in a hurry
Why can't we all slow down and take a break

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