Angelica St. Darke

Rookie (23/10/1974 / UK)

Biography of Angelica St. Darke

Angelica St. Darke poet

Random ramblings and inspired imagination by me 'Angelica St. Darke' exploring my new-found passion for writing poetry.
I love to let my mind run wild. I find writing an amazing way to relax and escape from the reality for a while.

I may appear bemused and overwhelmed at times but luckily my enthusiastic optimism drives me to be the fanatical fantasist that I am! Updates

Don'T Believe The Hype

Cruel deep scars forever shall reign, deliberately contrived actions deployed with such skill.
Lie allowing lips move freely, no shame!
Strong emotive feelings potrayed through deceit, bringing dishonour to all that you meet.
Smelling a sense of immanence this event will unfold.
Blinded no longer with thoughts roused by guilt, spouting false hopes in rhythmic dull tones.
'I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver.'
True dedication turned to vengeance I seek for corrupting young minds in the

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