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Angelina Pandian Poems

41. The Reunion 5/10/2009
42. Prem Leela 5/11/2009
43. Some Wanted… 5/13/2009
44. I Used To Wonder…. 6/1/2009
45. The Magic Of The Breeze - 4. The Breeze Was So Cold 6/5/2009
46. The Magic Of The Breeze - 5. Who Sent You To Me? 6/5/2009
47. The Magic Of The Breeze - 6. Tell Me Dear Breeze 6/5/2009
48. The Magic Of The Breeze -7 The Wind It Blows 6/14/2009
49. The Magic Of The Breeze -9 I Did Not Want To 6/14/2009
50. The Magic Of The Breeze - 11 I Do Not Dare 6/14/2009
51. On Reading Premji’s - # Che… 6/14/2009
52. The Magic Of The Breeze – 17 I Just Drop 6/15/2009
53. The Magic Of The Breeze – 18 Do You Know Who 6/15/2009
54. The Magic Of The Breeze – 21 The Breeze Is A … 6/15/2009
55. The Magic Of The Breeze – 22 I Am Cool Yet… 6/15/2009
56. The Magic Of The Breeze – 14 The Gulmohar 6/15/2009
57. The Magic Of The Breeze – 15 The Breeze Moves 6/15/2009
58. On Reading Hasmukh Amathalal’s – Dead Night’s 6/17/2009
59. The Magic Of The Breeze – 24 Your Eyes They... 7/9/2009
60. The Magic Of The Breeze – 25 This Relationship... 7/9/2009
61. The Magic Of The Breeze – 26 Crisp And Smooth 7/9/2009
62. The Magic Of The Breeze – 27 Will You Let Me Know? 7/9/2009
63. The Magic Of The Breeze – 28 Will The Thirst Be Slaked? 7/9/2009
64. The Magic Of The Breeze – 29 Yesterday I Wept... 7/9/2009
65. The Magic Of The Breeze – 30 Until The Breeze... 7/9/2009
66. The Magic Of The Breeze – 31 “look At Me, .... 7/10/2009
67. The Magic Of The Breeze – 33 I Was Sad Today 7/10/2009
68. The Magic Of The Breeze – 34 You Called Me 7/10/2009
69. The Magic Of The Breeze – 35 My Heart Used To Be.... 7/10/2009
70. The Magic Of The Breeze – 36 You May Limit... 7/10/2009
71. The Magic Of The Breeze – 37 Why Did I Talk... 7/10/2009
72. The Magic Of The Breeze – 38 Please, Let Me Lean... 7/10/2009
73. The Magic Of The Breeze – 39 How Much Longer... 7/10/2009
74. The Magic Of The Breeze – 43 The Silence Of Our Hearts 7/14/2009
75. The Magic Of The Breeze – 44 As The Flower... 7/14/2009
76. The Magic Of The Breeze – 45 Dear Breeze... 7/14/2009
77. Magic Of The Mind...9. A Library..... 7/19/2009
78. Strange Moods Of Rain – I Danced… 8/12/2009
79. Strange Moods Of Rain – The Rain It Came 8/12/2009
80. Strange Moods Of Rain – It Is Drab And Dull 8/12/2009

Comments about Angelina Pandian

  • Surya . (7/30/2009 7:49:00 PM)

    one of the most frank and up coming poet.having a finger in every pie. her knowledge is vast. what is more she hides a golden heart best wishes for a successfull inning in poem hunter.
    surya surya

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  • Mamta Agarwal (7/24/2009 2:42:00 AM)

    a very fitting tribute to Angelina. she is a competent poet with a heart of gold. she is honest and bold. although i have recently dicovered her work, i feel i have a friend for life. her comments at times help you probe into underlying meaning in your poems.


  • Pandian Angelina (7/21/2009 12:41:00 PM)

    A tribute to an Angel
    The angels live in heaven,
    Bringing the peace to the world,
    Sometimes one get stranded,
    As she wants to share the suffering in the world.

    With the wings clipped,
    She cannot fly to the distant world,
    The immortal has tranformed into a caring heart,
    She longs to share the love and attention of fellow hearts.

    She feels the pain of distant grieving heart,
    She shares her loneliness with other lonely hearts,
    She cares about the drug additction in youthful hearts,
    She may be far but she is always so close to our hearts.

    She is awake whole night,
    Wishing to find a caring person in the breakaway stars,
    She watches the tall palm trees sway on a windy nights,
    Like a lonely heart wandering all around to find a comforting heart.

    But one thing she forgets,
    She is angel of everyone's heart,
    Her poems sing the praises of her inner beauty,
    Her emotions mellow everyone's heart.

    With caring hand over our shoulders,
    The Angel would share our love and affection,
    She would find happiness in her heart,
    And give us all the blessings of goodwill and love in our yearning hearts.

    (A tribute to an aspiring poet, Angelina Pandian) .
    Jay P Narain

    Pandian Angelina (7/19/2009 2: 17: 00 PM)
    Oh! Gosh! I just couldn't believe it, Jay. I came searching for Riverwalk and what do I find. Thanks so much, it is the love and affection of friends like you, which help me pull through. Words are not enough to express my thanks, Sir. Magnanimous friend, my Muse and Mentor, I take pride to have recieved such words of praise from you. Thanks for everything. Know what, I am so happy, just like a kid, to have been the first one to read it here too.

    Kesav Easwaran (7/19/2009 7: 33: 00 PM)
    Angelina is a good can always find substance and a purpose in her poems...thanks for coming out with this nicely written tribute to her

    premji premji (7/20/2009 12: 29: 00 AM)
    keshavji solliyirukkaar...athukkumele unakkenna thevai?

    Samanyan Lakshminarayanan (7/21/2009 12: 31: 00 AM)
    just started reading a few of angel's poem...we met and spoke on poetry for 3 hrs..may be the first time in life i did that...meeting for the first time and being able to chat so long..poetry was the intimacy there...angel's comments itself is like poetry..she brings out the essence of the poem she reads...she really inspires

  • David Child (5/4/2009 5:51:00 PM)

    'The long plaintive call of the KolI'
    explain; or..dropp this - it doesn't work BUT; I love everything else; WONDERFUL; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

    I love this:
    You MUST develop this into your love of nature; - do it..!

    Calling out to the mountains, the forests
    Searching among clouds, among stars
    In the dark shadow of the waves
    In the speck against the moon.
    Other birds have gone to nest
    She still wings the sky high and low
    It is in her wind in the pine tree
    Is it the wind on the waves
    ; ;
    you have an excellent appreciation of the joys and wonders of the world around you MUST develop it; GO FOR IT.....

    It's midnight here and I am listening to techno-beat; enjoying your poems; ; ; ; ; ;
    I've put a couple of new ones on my page: mostly hard work

    here is something for you about the loved parents:
    (look up 'laten')

    She has laten years in the olden world
    but only such wise would understand
    It's a rainbow world though her skies are grey

Best Poem of Angelina Pandian

7. Love Is –patience! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

Love is patience.
Patience in the face of words,
Words, harshly spoken without a thought
Words cruelly spoken but with no ill-will!
Patience will bring healing
Patience will bring understanding,
Love is patience.
Patience when you are irritated
When those you love don’t understand you
Time will reveal your way to them,
Patience brings rainbows out of thunderclouds
It will bring achievements out of efforts,
If only, you have the patience to wait long enough
You’ll be the master of all around you.

Read the full of 7. Love Is –patience! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

The Wonder Of Love

Each time, each moment
So wonderful, so precious
Oh! This feeling of love.
Love so transforming
When we share ourselves,
This feeling of love
Its grandeur
Its power, its joy!
So new, so fresh

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